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Michael Clifford looks better than Zayn Malik




hey so im sorry i post selfies all the time BUT WOWZA I feel cute today

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a cool and tough introduction survey:

name: max
your catchphrase: “potion seller..”
fav emoji/emoticon: thumbs up
favorite color scheme: idk i like black and white shit
favorite type of monster-person: mermaid
something real cool that you can do: be sad
a song you want to share wit yo followers: 3 rounds & a sound by blind pilot
top 3 characters of all time: spencer ( asilentfear ), vega ( astrales ) , brian ( thealwaysforgotten )
what pets do you have: 1 kitty cat named misty

your hogwarts house: slytherin
favorite pokemon: i think Maybe sylveon

what? are you deaf? get it together, kid — one of us needs to be 
more than half way functioning, don’t you think? 

( contemplating a url change tbh. maybe something more fitting to the muses??? )


Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

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