okay so. there’s been a lot of headbutting here, and as much as i want to get away and stop this conversation, i find it hard to pull away because it’s so disheartening?

my opinion, as a nonbinary individual, is that it’s fucking disrespectful when there is no weight behind a decision that literally affects every aspect of your life. my gender is a constant confusion. i’ll feel masculine for days on end but then suddenly i don’t, and suddenly i’m nothing at all; it’s not fun. it’s not kinky. 

it’s good to embrace your gender. i wish i could do that. i’m not shaming anyone for “being daddys little princess” because you know what? i totally would be if i could be.

i just need everyone to understand that to do it without acknowledging how much of a struggle it is to constantly be one thing or another and how agonizing it is to not have any sense of self is disrespectful. 

maybe no one necessarily has done that yet, maybe we’re missing character struggles here — but as gender is becoming a more widely expressed thing in characters on indie, please just know that it’s not a cute and quirky thing in itself before you fucking do it.


you know whats not cool??? using gender fluidity as an excuse to create submissive male muses that only wear skirts and act a certain way when its convenient!!! i understand being confused!! i get that they might want to go by he and she sometimes!!! but theres a difference between being genderqueer and wanting to live vicariously through your muses without the effort of playing female muses!! your muses gender is not something that should be dependent upon ships !! it’s not some kind of ‘au idea’!!! it’s not always going to be cute and quirky!!! stop romanticizing it!!

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i miss you

see this is nice but i can’t do shit if i don’t know who you are? sorry


it used to go question and then answer, but we were younger and things were easier, and now it goes question and then question, answers don’t come so easy
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Michael Clifford looks better than Zayn Malik




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